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Quality Assurance

Quality is our product

Quality Control team is certified to perform in-house surface NDE, Dimensional inspection, Visual inspection, Welding Inspection, Hardness testing in accordance with API 6A, 16A, 16C and 17D specifications. These in-house activities have reduced our down time for product delivery.

The Quality Department at Academy comprises of Quality Control and Quality Assurance which were instituted early on in Academy's operations having been implemented and effective for more than 35 years. Quality Control functions as the "inspection" arm of QA and is responsible for all inspection and test activities, NDE, special processes and calibrations.

Quality Assurance is the administrative entity of the QA department and as such is responsible for setting up, monitoring, maintaining and reporting on Academy's Quality system for compliance to ABSA, ISO-9001 and API Q1 quality system requirements. The Quality Department is responsible for controlling product and processes from receipt of an order to delivery of product to ensure compliance to applicable API product specifications and Quality system requirements under ABSA, ISO-9001 and API Q1 quality system specifications.